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Musical Musings


A vibe. 
A rhythm. 
A beat.

The sounds.
The tempo.
Various notes and keys.
 Various genres.
Various artists. 
Different messages.
Different voices.

But look at it.
All having one thought.
To create that perfect track.
 To get you on your feet.
To give you that smile when you’re down.
 A helping tool it has become.
A source of motivation to many others.
 Sing-along songs.

But Nigerians? pfft.
A word of value, we will erase.
The meanings, we will neglect. 
The sounds, we condemn. 
They will open their mouth and pour pepper on the song.

I am not being specific abeg.
Musical rating for us, 0.
“He did not try”. “Her voice was cracking”.
“Which kind mumu rap be this one?”
“Who be this?” “E no fit blow”.
Not appreciating their own work of art.
Random insults from ‘one corner’ to another.

God punish you.
Go and make your own.

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

About the author

Musical Musings by Noel 1

Noel is among the endagered speices of the Nigerian climate.
He is a Nigerian Teen, who decides to pen his frustrations in order to turn something unpleasant
into beautiful creativity.