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Why i hate Monday mornings. 1

She woke around 2am for no reason..oh there was one, she remembered. She had slept very early the previous night and her body was ready to be awake. Unfortunately for her body, she wanted to sleep. She was supposed to officially wake up by six, and she couldn’t think of anything that would keep her up till six that  won’t end up messing up her ‘ginger’ for the day. She was sure she needed enough sleep to withstand the day’s pressure.


She picked up her phone and replied the messages she had slept off on. She remembered she had told her ex to call the previous night and he had, but she was so sleepy she couldn’t remember what they talked about. She decided to call him back. One of the things she missed about him was that he was the only person she could call at any time of the day to talk to. He was an insomniac just like her until she got this very stressful job of looking for clients from all over the state to patronize the sales of Mouringa leaves. The job sounded shitty, but it paid her bills, so she stayed with it.


She called the ex some minutes past 2am. He didn’t sound sleepy, he was ready to talk to her. Ever ready. They talked about random stuff. He said he missed her food. She replied ‘pele’ since she wasn’t sure he’d eat her food again anytime soon. She didn’t want to give him false hope. He told her he had gotten his own apartment and she was proud of him. She didn’t express her pride though. They talked for another ten minutes about general stuff and she decided to end the call. She would have loved to continue the conversation but she didn’t want him to get any ideas. Ideas about them getting back together or something like that. She just missed him as her friend. She told him so.


After the call, she sat on her bed thinking about nothing and everything. Her sitting gradually turned into laying fully on the bed cuddling her teddy bear with the duvet covering them from the not-so-cold weather. She thought about her teddy bear; what if her teddy could talk? Would they be best friends? Would she throw it away? Would it be male or female because she wasn’t even sure of the gender of her cat-like teddy bear? She remembered ted – the movie but she wasn’t sure she wanted same thing.


What if an evil spirit entered her teddy bear like Chucky? That wouldn’t be nice, no it wont be nice at all, she thought.She threw her teddy bear on the floor. She planned to throw it away the next day, especially now that she was having funny thoughts about it. She had to discard it,  real fast.



‘Not so fast’



She heard a thick male voice say. Startled, she paused then looked out the window to see if anyone was out there. it is all in my head, she thought.


‘No its not’


The voice came again. She began to look around with her phone in her hand, ready to call someone for help until she saw it, she saw him. It was her teddy bear, eyes shining, looking at her with his arms akimbo. Last thing she heard was her own voice screaming, HELP!.




Aanuoluwapo Odusola

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Aanu is a freelance creative writer and a contributor at Crazitive Africans. You can find more of her pieces on her blog.