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Onyinye Afam

Meet Zennia_Art (Onyinye Afam)
a Photographer, Graphic Designer and String Artist.

Onyinye Afam more popularly known as @Zennia_Art in the creative space, is an artist from Anambra State in Nigeria, who expresses her creative energy using strings, nails and a board to create beautiful pieces.

Zennia_Art hopes with her pieces she tells a profound story which connects with everyone and would ease the pain of those who are disturbed.


How She Gets it Done?

String Art might sound easy to the naked eye, but it requires precision, patience and a large dose of creativity.

Find a video below of Oyinye Afam(Zennia_Art) creating one of her pieces.

You think you want to get into String Art? or it is something you are interested in? You can find some helpful information and materials here.

What Inspires Zennia_Art?


My works paint pictures of life situations and dynamics with a view to motivate people to a better understanding of life.
I observe a lot of life particularly humanity. This is what I capture in my artwork. That’s where I derive my inspiration from. When I pick up my board, nails, hammer and threads to string, am well aware that my ideas, emotions, feelings and concepts formed from experience will engage a lot of minds trying to make meaning out of life.

I use string to connect lines across time and space. Art remains the only way through which I share my thoughts and ideas with the aim to comfort the disturbed.


You can follow Zennia Art’s Creative Journey on her Instagram Page – Zennia_Art

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