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Scott Igbinoba is a model trainer in Lagos, Nigeria. An entrepreneur, the Founder of the School of Modelling and School of Modelling Fashion Show (#SFMS). The brands aim to train and create opportunities to aid interested individuals find their footing in the Modelling industry.

The #SFM team holds boot camps in various parts of Nigeria as well as, Workshops, Seminars, a day training and their once in a while online competitions opened to general members of the public.

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School of modelling pride themselves as an institue which takes a step further in not just equping their intakes with the skills needed to be successful as a model in Africa.

But they also ensure their models receive a placement offer from Agencies or acquire good gigs at the end of their training session with them.

School of Modelling Fashion Show (#SFMS) on the other hand, kick started early this year. The event creates a platform for Fashion Designers to showcase their products and models or interested individuals to experience and partake in a fashion show. This creates an opportunitiy for Upcoming Models, Fashion Designers and Fashion Houses to collaborate, network and showcase their brand and flaunt their style

If you missed #SFMFS maiden edition that occured early this year, you can go through our scruffy summary of it here.

You can follow Scott’s Crazitive journey to impact the modelling industry on the following instagram pages

The future of modelling as a career in Africa?

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The future of modelling in Africa is looking bright, though slow but there have been improvement in the last 2 years. However, we need lots of work to tally with the big countries.

South Africa has been able to build a stable industry for models. Their models are respected more over there than in Nigeria. Nigeria being  the second in Africa still has a lot to do.

I think the major problem really is that, most parents are scared to allow their kids go into the modelling industry due to the wrong mindset they have about modelling. If  we get to organise a seminar frequently to help sensitise aspiring models, I believe things will get better. we have alot of talents in Africa who are doing well abroad, but I want us to build Africa.

If  our models can be respected, paid when due, and we stop politics in our castings, the future will definitely be brighter. In a few years from now Africa can take over the world.

Scott Igbinoba

Now it’s your turn, what would you say is the future of modelling in Nigeria?

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