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Meet Ogundimu David. A professional photographer and the creative director of Ogundimu David.

He is from Ogun State and a graduate of Film and Television from Pefti film institute. He is currently enrolled in the Department of Theater Arts, at Lagos State University (LASU).

He creates beautiful portraits and iconic shots of individuals; models and celebrities alike.

His latest project is for Broda Shaagi upcoming single, Shi, which would be out on the 12th of May, 2019.

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You can follow Ogundimu’s David Journey on his Instagram:

What are the challenges, you face as a photographer?

Ogundimu David

My major challenge, is satisfying my clients.

As we all are different in looks so are we different when it comes to choices. Over the years I’ve learnt that not all clients are easy to please. Sometimes you put all creative measures into a project and at the end, the client wouldn’t like it while sometimes it’s the opposite. So I’ve always learnt to communicate and understand the pictures in my clients head and work towards achieving it.

Another challenge I face is movement. Working in Lagos is tiring especially when it comes to beating traffic and meeting up with appointments. It’s almost looking like a curse to own a car in Lagos. It’s hard trying to knock out 2 to 3 bookings in a day, due to traffic congestion and all.

Lastly the government does little or nothing to support this sector. When it comes to empowerment and funding the sector, the government are nowhere to be found. Considering the cost of photography equipment, for a starter with no support it may take years before such a person acquires the necessary equipment needed. Instead of empowering youths with motorcycles and tricycles which contributes it’s own quota to the traffic congestion in the state, the government should look more into the photography sector and empower and fund youths.

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