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#Meet OdunMicheals

Odunmicheal Profile

Meet Odunmicheals, CEO of xtratouchmakeovers

Odunmicheals is Pro Make Up Artist , Hair Stylist and GELE (female head tie) Stylist . He does Make-Up , hairstyling and Gele for events, movies, musical video shoot and photo shoots.

Meet Odunmicheals: Xtratouchmakeovers Movie Make Up
On set in a short movie.

What are the challenges you face as a Make Up Artist?

There is a popular quote that says, “a farmer is only as good as his tools”. For Makeup-artist, this is similarly true. Without a good product or quality tools you can’t deny, your result with your muse or client would be limited. Thereby restricting your creativity and ability.

Secondly, getting your customer satisfied is a hurdle, I believe every Makeup-Artist has to solve. For me when i initially started, i struggled with how to manage my customers. You know we meet alot of people and each individual you meet, has a particular manner they need to be handled or serviced. So the way and manner you treat Client A would be completely different from the manner and way you treat Client A.

Ultimately, I am greatful to God i’ve overcome these challenges because, I’ve learnt from my experience and challenges. I have also tried to learn how to work with various kinds of clients and put their needs and interest first. You have to study each of them and figure out a way to not just relate but also connect.

Cause to be honest, in the end, what brings the customer back is not just how to do a good job, but how to make it a beautiful experience for them. This is only achieve if you are able to connect with them.

Right now? I am pretty fine with my business and how it is going. Cause to be honest, i love what I do and it is pretty fun. If any challenges come up I find a way to deal with.

So be like me, Enjoy what you do and in return, it would help your customers love you

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