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#MeetFashion Designer

Meet Micheal Odyssey 1

Meet Akangbe Oladayo, A creative Director at Michael Odyssey. Also a Fashion Designer and a Brand Stylist.

What is Fashion To You?

Fashion sounds dissipating, it actually is. It’s related to style even though it isn’t, and it’s essential to style even though it isn’t meant to. Fashion they say is a thing that fades every six months, it’s the sense of belonging that cloth lovers have at the period of time.

Style however is the expression of our selves in the choices we make to how we want to be accepted when we wear clothes.

Meet Micheal Odyssey 2

Why did you choose to join the Fashion Industry

I started because someone did a fantastic job for my department when I was in school and happened to be president of my department and we were elated. Because we had tried about 4 different guys and they all didn’t deliver and we thought it was never going to happen. And when this guy got it right, we rejoiced and then we ordered another set. And then it was crap. And I thought, if this guy did it once it’s possible to do it and keep doing it.

So I set out to do it because I wanted to be the guy who did awesome stuffs and didn’t stop doing it.

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How Do You Make Your Brand StandOut From The Crowd

It’s my customer relations and the after sales service. First of all, I’m friends with all my clients, because if your clients trust you, they become your customers and they can always refer you.

Second thing is, I try to do it different every time, if it’s the same thing then I’m not worth taking your money, so it has to be different.

Micheal is currently working on his First Capsule Collection. You can check out his wares & follow his crazitive journey on his IG Page – @michael_odyssey/

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