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Meet Dedayo Daniel, a Music Producer, Cinematographer, Director, Musician and the CEO of Sire Multimedia. (I know, I know only 1 person?). Whoever said Nigerian Youths were Lazy? Well, this #LazyNigerianYouth never got the memo.

He has worked on numerous movies and music videos, taking the responsibility of creating the sound tracks and bringing the client’s ideas to reality.

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Dedayo Daniel

He is currently working on the Online movie fleak Mute Beast with the Gallant Biz Production crew a series set to be out later this year.

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Dedayo Daniel remains one of those rare Nigerian Youths who aims to use his creative energy, not just as a means to earn an income, but as an opportunity to tell a story. A gem you can always find in any work that has his creative touch.

God’s Plan Cover by Dedayo Daniel

What is your creative Process?

Dedayo Daniel Camera Recording

Every job needs a concrete background. Understanding the project so well will help project the brand.

Working on film projects, a proper understanding of what the project entails is inevitable. Storyboarding, rehearsals and other things has to be put in place before going on set. Like I tell most people, film making itself is in the preparation, the real filming starts before actually shooting!
That’s why we have preproduction, production and postproduction stages.

When it comes to Music Production I try to understand the artist, his genre and design a sound that’s different and if I’m working on a movie soundtrack , i read the script to understand the mood and the story line which would determine the style of music and the right lyrics to use .

You can follow this Crazitive Journey on his Instagram page, @dedayodaniel

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