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Fifth night dotted, it was another market day in Malete Kwara, Nigeria…
LUCID - Lies in Love 1
On an afternoon of lousy weather,
thoughts of romantic ideas attached to blindness.
Ideas of unusual sensitivity,
reading auras to which were deeper and blacker than the muse;
brighter and beautiful than the colours on the pellet.
LUCID - Lies in Love 2
When my affection swears that she is made of truth (though I know she lies). The truth I shall not know, but live in doubt.
LUCID - Lies in Love 3
If love make me forsworn, how shall I swear to love?
“Though to myself forsworn, to thee I’ll constant prove;
Those thoughts to me like oaks, to thee like osiers bowed”


LUCID - Lies in Love 4
When the sun rayed gloriously; brighter than glass and yet as glass is brittle, softer than wax;
my love was fair though not as a fickle, but neither true nor trusty.
Music and Poetry,
Bad in the best,
She fram’d the love, love yet she foil’d the framing.
Burnt with love
Burnt out love.
“Fair creature, kill’d too soon by death’s sharp sting!”

“Bright orient, fair flower, untimely pluck’d, soon faded.

Pluck’d in the bud, and faded in the spring!

When the sunsets,

I was;

“Lost, faded, broken, dead

within an hour.”

LUCID - Lies in Love 5


Photography – @shina_collinsphotography
Creative Director:
Writer: Hamza Dosunmu



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