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Lessons From When They See Us

Originally Posted As: Twitter Pressure Made Me…Never Mind.

When my twitter people started talking about ‘when they see us’, a movie adaptation of the Central Park Five incident in the United States. ( 5 young boys arrested, convicted and imprisoned for raping a woman they never met) I thought, ‘they’ve started again oh’ but deep down, I really wanted to see the movie so I could relate to the gist I was seeing on my timeline. Unfortunately, I had cancelled my Netflix subscription(I’m sure you have an idea why) so I couldn’t watch. I was lucky enough to watch it from my neighbour who had a Netflix Subscription on her phone. I don’t know how long I cried for. I also learnt a lot of lessons and I mean, a lot. Those less inspired this article.

Lesson One

When a person does not like you or what you represent, they will do whatever it takes to bring you down. They will twist your image and make you appear evil to the world. They can have all the facts looking them in the face and still turn a blind eye. In times like that, only GOD can save you. This was evident in the way those investigators kept twisting the facts and manipulating those boys just to make things look the way they want. They didn’t even stop to think about the effect it could have on those kids.

Lessons From: "When They See Us" 1

Lesson Two

Some people will love you no matter what the world says about you. They are able to relate to the problems you face because they’ve been in your shoes so they know what it is like. The love the parents displayed for their kids was so strong nothing could come in between. The wrong allegations didn’t in anyway, lessen the love they had for their kids. Sometimes, when the world is against you, all you need is just one person to love you, stay by you and not judge you. It might just be what you need to hang in there.

Lesson Three

You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option. The last guy Wise, who found himself in the situation when he wasn’t even a suspect. Unfortunately for him, he suffered the most and even did more time in prison than the actual suspects. How he survived was a miracle but he did.

When the truth came out, they were all exonerated of the crimes and the prison records were wiped. They also got compensated financially for it. The reward they got couldn’t have wiped off all the suffering they went through and time wasted.

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About the author

Aanu is a freelance creative writer and a contributor at Crazitive Africans. You can find more of her pieces on her blog.