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So I was inspired by a poem written by Raquel it like it is, a writer I follow. She wrote a poem on a woman who looks good, is confident and attracts men. She is sure of herself and doesn’t hide it or act coy. Now discussing it further, I discover that many men and some women think women sit for hours at the salon and dress to the nines to impress them. In this 21st century?! I’m not saying that women don’t dress up to impress the other sex, but for some or most of us that isn’t even on our list.

Why can’t I be smart like Marie Curie, be pretty like Chimamanda Adichie and slay like Beyonce without trying to impress men. The funny thing is that some of these guys are so egoistic they think that women will actually go to classes from 8am to 6pm and still look good just to impress them. Uhm! Hello! I never even knew you existed till you inhaled oxygen a few seconds ago.

So here’s the thing, sometimes we might actually try to impress guys, but that doesn’t mean we are preoccupied with it or obsessed with it all day every day. I mean, do you think I buy Tara brow pencil for over a thousand naira to impress you? And then when we don’t give a fuck about your compliment (like we ask for it in the first place), we’re playing hard to get, proud, snobby or like some will say, ‘ki lo gbe gan?’ (Literal translation – what do you have/carry). So here are some reasons why I spend half a day at the salon and a week selecting outfit for that cool party or buy that expensive yet alluring lipstain:

1. I like it: I like the way the black dress hugs my features and shows off my curves. I like the way the hairstyle brings out my face. I like that brand.
2. I’m comfortable: I’m wearing this killer heels which is putting me head above the crowd because I like heels and I’m comfortable in them.
3. I want to stand out: I may have decided I don’t want to be a wallflower at this event I want to be the Queen and let every other person (both male and female) bow down to my regal aura.
4. I’m modeling/advertising: My friend or family member might be a tailor, designer, makeup artist, hair stylist or a trader. I might be advertising the handwork of someone close to me. I am not wearing this necklace because it might draw your eyes to my chest.
5. It’s a beautiful day: It’s a good day and it will be a beautiful day if and when I slay. The weather feels good so I have to flow with the weather
6. (This is basically me most of the time.) I just put my hand into my wardrobe and I wore whatever came out.

So here’s the thing, impressing you might be like in the abysmal depth of my mind (if it’s actually there), but thinking you’re the propelling or compelling element for me looking this good, well your brain has to be checked! Boy bye!

P.S. I would love to hear from you, so girls you can give me some reasons why you decide to slay.

Author : Folayan Adejoke

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

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