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Gleams by
Ayokunnu Melody

   I opened my eyes to find myself on a hospital bed and a pint of drip connected to my veins.


I hurriedly removed the plaster attached to keep the syringe in my wrist and I pulled off the syringe and threw it on the floor. I felt a slight pain but it wasn’t as much as I felt in my heart. My nerves were rising and all I felt like doing at that moment was to run and keep running without a stop. I jumped from the hospital bed,found my sandals by the bedside and I rushed out of the ward. I bumped into a nurse who was probably going over to check my pulse rate and all.

Miss! Miss!”  She called and I didn’t answer, I kept running.

“Security! A patient is running away!” She called out.

Three nurses hurriedly left the counter to block me, they caught me and a doctor joined as well. I struggled a little to pass through them, but there was no way I could anymore. Then I spotted John, he was coming towards us, I felt weakened and I started to cry. The nurses let off their grip and I could read pity all over their faces.

“Madam, you will be alright. Lets go back to the ward” The doctor smiled as he spoke.

My watery eyes stared in to his eyes and studied how his lips moved when he said …alright, the word replayed in my head like that was all my brain could process at that moment. My eyes blinked slowly, my mind felt too heavy and my brain went blank. Everything went blurry in my eyes and I saw figures moving slowly, my energy was drained off and I felt completely weak. I slumped and I opened my eyes slightly to see who caught me in his arms. It was John, then I blacked out again.

Someone placed his head right on my hospital bed when I woke up at exactly 7:45 pm, then I realized it was John.  He had slept off and I didn’t want to disturb his sleep. I tried to recollect every event that transpired, what led me there and all. A flash struck me. Bolade’s horrible death scene rushed into my memory and I could not help but scream. I squalled and John was startled, he tried to hold me but I pulled off his grip. I hit my temple like I was trying to reset my head in case I wasn’t in my right mind and if all that happened were in my imagination or even in my dreams, such dreams I would fast and pray to rebuke.

The doctor and two nurses ran inside my ward of course to the sound of my voice. John has finally succeeded in holding me down, I was buried into his chest, profusely crying. It was too much for me to bear.

The doctor and nurses having seen me under control sighed, they felt pity for me and asked John what happened and why I was screaming. John told them it was just an outburst of emotions. The doctor pulled me off John’s grip back to my bed and I was calm already. He checked my pulse, my temperature and my eyes, guess I was doing alright already and all I needed was just a sound rest. I stared into the thin air and for the first time in my life, my dad’s words echoed

“Whatever happens in life, be strong and do not let it consume you…”

i thought in my mind, now is the time I need to get hold of myself. I shut my eyes firmly and fought my fears, the fear of losing my most loved ones and that I was going to stay strong. Life had taught me that death was inevitable and that such experiences help you meet and love other people just exactly the same way I lost my grandma and met Bolade. I became hopeful about meeting another who would fill up that space again. I broke down again over the fear of losing that person again, those experiences were painful that I would not afford such to happen again. Never was I going to let anyone die because of me again. I felt like a bad luck to the world, if my birth was something I could control, I would have had me flushed off right from heaven.

I decided I would concentrate on making a strong person out of myself instead of anticipating the coming of another beloved.

Daniel walked into my ward rather devastated, I sat up on seeing him. I forgot all my sorrows instantly and imagined what weight of sorrow he could have been passing through. I stood up to hug him and we stayed long in each other’s arms. We both cried, Daniel cried the most, I felt such tenderness in Daniel, I patted his back as he wept and I shut my eye lids against my tears, I wanted to help Daniel forget all his misery. I racked my head over ways I could go about helping his situation. Well, he had the greater loss, he lost the love of his life. Bolade meant his whole world and the worst of it all, she had died in his absence.

She was about leaving a message for you when she died” I whispered into his ears.

“If she knew she was going to die, the message would have been worthwhile. She typed a love epistle to me on the journey, like she knew she was gonna die” He cried.

“She never meant to die, it wasn’t her fault…it was all my fault…I could have saved her or something…I could have stopped us from going to the pool…I had no idea this was gonna happen…I could had rejected the whole plan to make me happy…I could have…” I ranted in tears.

“Shshh…” This time Daniel did the patting while I cried.

John was dazed but he cried as well, even though he was not that close to Bolade but he had known her since his secondary school days. He stood from where he sat and stepped over to meet Daniel and I, he hugged us both which was the best he could do after he tried to pull me off  Daniel’s arms.

I was medically alright and I was up for discharge but I had weakness written all over my face. John drove Daniel and I to our house. Daniel and I sat on the chair, looking into air. He brought a bowl of ice cream from the freezer. He placed it on the center table and scooped a very little amount into a small glass bowl and handed it to me.

“Do you need some too?” He asked Daniel and Daniel shook his head.

i scooped the ice cream into my mouth with a surge of determination to be strong and to let go of every of my worries and move on, staying stronger than I can ever be like I have once thought I could, never losing a tear when I am hurt. A tear dropped down to my shirt, I shut my eyes to prevent my eyes from releasing more.

 Daniel reclined his head backwards on the sofa and stared into the space. At that point, I knew everything was going to fall back in place and with time Daniel would get over his lover’s death and move on but it didn’t seem like it was going to be so easy for him. Only time was to tell.

I prepared a warm bath for you Precious, so you can have some rest, remember you just got discharged.” John spoke like I really had forgotten I was at the hospital about an hour ago. I really could have, all I had in mind was how Daniel could drop by his sorrows.

“I will go ahead when I am done with this, thank you John”. I answered, I wanted to finish my bowl of ice cream, it gave me some chills down my heart, I felt calmer as I scooped on.”

I have prepared the guest room for you Daniel, in case you end up taking no move from there”. His words sounded quite harsh to Daniel but his tone spoke the reverse, but then I wouldn’t know…

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