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by Ayokunnu Melody

Gleams – Chapter 4
I opened my eyes but of course I hadn’t woken up yet. My brain had to process my environment, what happened last, how did I fall asleep? and so on…

Yeah, I can remember all now. I checked my phone for the time, forty-five minutes past six. Where is Bolade? She was the first thing that came to my mind.


My voice wasn’t so loud and I felt so weak and hungry. How come I woke up so hungry. I lifted myself off the bed.

I am not wearing clothes”

I realized I had slept without clothes on. I flung on a robe that was hanging on my reading chair and went in search for food and Bolade.

I found Bolade in the kitchen, cooking. I trust Bolade, she always made sure everything is under control, another priceless quality.


She turned around. “Oh you are awake, I am preparing dinner already, fried plantain and egg”. Wiping her hands with a napkin.

Are you hungry already?” She asked.

I nodded.

5 secs! Almost done”

I nodded again.

Do you feel better now?”

I nodded and sat on the kitchen stool.

There was silence in the air for a moment, I stared at her watching how she diligently did what she was doing, how she wiped the sink, cleaned off food crumbs off the work surface, rinsed the dishes and all. She always made sure the kitchen was sparkle clean, she’d rather handle it herself and allow no one anyways, so I rarely go to the kitchen. The living room and our bedroom was what mattered to me, kitchen issues were left to her to solve. She chose this though and she is the ruler of the house. And it seemed like I was the junior sister and she is the older, well I am older. A year older by the way.

She served the plantain and egg in dishes and we were set for dinner, I offered to help her getting the food to our small dining room, table for two at the back of our sofa, she declined and ordered me to get the water from the freezer. I obeyed.

Precious”. After so much silence at meal, we were almost done eating and since we started eating, I chose not to say anything. In fact, I wasn’t interested in saying anything. I only ruminated over the good loving thing. I was going to bring it up at night when we are about to sleep.

“Hmm” I answered.

Should we go to the pool?”

“Cool! So I can finally teach you how to swim.”  I brightened up a little.

“Yes, exactly! I got nice bikinis for us from Monique three days ago. I got red for you, you will look so sexy in it”

“Hmm…” I smiled, forcing the excitement out.

Daniel and Uzo will be coming with us”

“I hope he would come along with his girlfriend”

She chuckled. “Why did you ask?”

“’Cause, he would only try to come close, Tina is troublesome, I don’t even want her mess at all”

“Of course not, we would caution him”

“Good. When is it?”

“Daniel said next tomorrow”

“You’ve taken permission to go out of school already?”

“The man said we should all come and sign out when we are leaving”

“That easy? I thought they said he is difficult”

“It’s me now” She winked with pride. Actually, Bolade always knows how she does her things. At the same time, I have always known her to be skillful at dealing with elderly people, our lecturers, Head of Department, Registrar and whosoever was superior to us.

We were done eating and Bolade packed the dishes and we headed for the kitchen. She got the dishes washed and wiped. Soon we were done and we ran to the bedroom to check out the bikinis Bolade got. As she had said, she got me a red bikini, I am so sure she had something in my mind for choosing such a color-Red, that’s some seduction in the air, but then… was she actually preparing for somebody?

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

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