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Mrs. Bolade and I met one day at one of the school restaurants. She was the sexiest mother of three I had seen and met in person. It was like seeing an angel here on earth, not the types you watch in movies or see in music videos. She was flawless and I couldn’t just take my eyes off her until she had to ask me if there was a problem to which I replied yes. She asked what the problem was and I told her I was wondering about how one person could be so flawless and to think that she wasn’t even wearing any make up at the time made it even more ‘awe-ing’ for me. She smiled and I could tell that she was feeling embarrassed by my comment so I apologised.

She said she was used to getting such comments and that it even got worse when people realised she was a mother of three, that was the bombshell. I “codedly” looked at her left hand for her wedding ring and I found it. I was dumbfounded. She felt this and said ‘it was nice talking to you’ then walked away slowly. Before I could realise, she got into her car and left. ‘That madam make sense o’ was the next thing I heard coming from the attendant of the restaurant who had obviously been listening to our conversation. I looked at her in a ‘you sef sabi good thing’ way and walked away slowly secretly wishing I could see her again soon.

I got home that evening and couldn’t help thinking about her. I was gloomy throughout that evening which my friends found strange and pestered me relentlessly as a result but I wasn’t willing to share my worries. How was I going to explain that I was infatuated with a married woman and a mother of three for that matter? I trust my guys though, they would probably see nothing wrong with it but I was sure they would call me dumb for not getting her phone number at least. I wasn’t going to let that happen. I needed to see her again.

As I stayed awake that night thinking about how to see her again, it then hit me that I might need to visit that restaurant to know if the attendant had any idea on how I could see her again. I could almost not wait for the day to break and the hope of getting a positive response made me sleep a little.
Mehn, that sleep was needed. I woke up with smiles though praying secretly that the smile remains permanent. My friend, Jide who earlier complained about my gloominess saw me smiling and began to ask what happened and of course, I couldn’t disclose still. It was 8am and I was all smiles, headphones in ears, strolling with pride as I walked towards the restaurant. On getting there, they were not open. I was furious, like why wouldn’t they be open at 8am? I hung around for a bit, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours and I had to go back to my room with the aim of checking back in the evening.

I woke up to the scent of the food my friends were eating. The scent seemed familiar so I quickly asked “where una buy the food?” to which they replied, “iya Hannah place na”. Iya Hannah was owner of the restaurant I wanted to check back at. I hurriedly wore my shirt which I had taken off as a result of the heat I was feeling at the time I decided to take a nap. I looked at my phone, it was 7pm, perfect timing I thought. I left for the restaurant immediately.On getting there, they were still closed and I became furious, why did these guys lie to me and make me walk this far in vain. I went back home angry, angry that my journey was fruitless and that my so-called friends made it worse.

I saw my friend Peter outside, one of those who told me they got the food from Iya Hannah and I couldn’t hide my anger. “Guy, why you dey lie, I no like that kind thing” I said to which he replied “which lie be that?” looking surprised. I then said “why you lie say na Iya Hannah una buy the food from?” he said “which Iya Hannah place you go? No be that one wey dey around that girl wey dey sell recharge card you go?” that was when it hit me, they were right but I was wrong, the one I went to was Iya Sarah’s place. I guess the thought of her couldn’t even let me realise that my friends didn’t buy the food from that same place. “Haywhy, Haywhy….” Was the next I heard, that was when I realized I had been lost in thought. “Guy, e be like say you dey hungry, this one wey you just attack me on top iya Hannah matter”, he continued, to which I could manage to reply “abeg no vex, na me do mistake” and I walked away slowly…in shame.

I needed a plan. Days turned into weeks which turned into months and I still couldn’t find her. I got over her after a while when nothing was forthcoming until one day…I saw her driving past and the good thing was that she was driving slowly due to the rough roads so I waved at her but she wasn’t looking so I had to get close to the car and knock on the window, then she ‘wind-ed’ down the glass and said “hello, how may I assist you?”, she didn’t recognize me obviously and it broke my heart. I needed to introduce myself “I’m Ayo, we met some months ago at the fast food restaurant along hope road”, she replied “I’m sorry I can’t remember” then she said “oh oh oh, you’re that guy….hop in” and she unlocked the car quickly. I entered sharply with a sigh of relief, finally my ultimate search paid off. I couldn’t hide my joy, she was wearing make-up this time and her beauty was just breath-taking.

She broke the silence, “so how are you?”, “I’m fine” I said. “Where are you headed?” she asked, “nowhere really, was just taking a stroll” I lied quickly though I was heading for a class but I couldn’t leave her now that I’ve found her, not without getting her number at least. “Okay, I’m going to have lunch at Stixtons, would you like to come along?” she asked, “Sure” I said quickly, I finally found the opportunity to spend some time with her. As soon as we got there, we found a table to sit. Apparently, she was a regular customer as everyone kept greeting her and talking about how it had been a while since they last saw her. Stixtons was a very classy restaurant meant for only a class of people – the rich.

She ordered and asked me to do same but I politely declined, seeing her was enough food for me. “I’m Mrs. Bolade but you can call me Sewa” she said, as if realising that we never did a proper introduction and I quickly replied, “I’m Ayo”. Watching her eat was way better than being in Mr. Ajayi’s boring class. “So what do you do?” I asked, “I work with an advertising firm”, she said, “and you?”, I wanted to tell her I was in my finals but I didn’t want to sound “little” so I said “I’m currently doing my masters here”. “Ohh nice, what course?” she asked looking impressed, I replied “international law and diplomacy” quickly as it was what my sister was studying at the time but did it matter?

She looked at me with more interest but she ate on without saying a word. The silence became awkward so I broke it “I think I need a drink”, She said “oh okay” then made eye contact with one of the attendants so she came to our table “please give him a drink, tell her the  one you want”, Sewa said, I took a quick glance at the menu and chose one “I want this one, Youki Pamplemousse, is that how it’s pronounced?”, “Yes Sir, you got it right” she replied then she proceeded to get it. “You know, that’s my favourite drink you chose” Sewa Said. “Really, I just decided to try something new, I hope it’s nice though” I said feeling privileged to choose her favourite. The drink came and I took a sip, “Oh, it’s good, really good” I said, Sewa nodded in accordance then said “I told you”. We stayed a few more minutes while I took my drink then we left.

“Thank you for the drink” I said, “No, thank you for the company” she replied, then we laughed. “Can we do this again?” I asked, “you mean, can I take you with me to lunch again?” we laughed again. “Of course not, I meant seeing you again or maybe I can take you to lunch sometime soon” I said to which she replied, “well, I don’t know, I’m really busy but I’d let you know when it’s okay for us to see again.” I was glad to hear her response though I was expecting to hear about how she was a married woman and how she didn’t know why we should see, bla bla. I was willing to take it slow. “So Ayo, where would you like me to drop you off?”, “By the green gate, thanks”.

We got there almost immediately, I was almost getting out of the car when I remembered I hadn’t gotten her phone number and I wasn’t ready for another ultimate search series so I requested for it and she gave me her business card. We said our goodbyes and I couldn’t stop smiling that evening. It was a good day for me though I had missed two classes. I could get the notes but those memories I just made couldn’t be gotten from anyone else. That day was the beginning of many other remarkable moments.

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Aanu is a freelance creative writer and a contributor at Crazitive Africans. You can find more of her pieces on her blog.