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I miss my family. I miss those times everyone was around, our vacations, our rough play, our fights, our punishment, our discovery, our gossip, our crushes, our enemies, our secrets……….the list is endless.

My elder brother Tokun, which is the eldest is based in the UK with his beautiful wife and children my eldest sister Lara, is also based in the US with her husband and kids while my immediate elder sister Bunmi, is based in Port – Harcourt. We usually have a family reunion every December and that’s about the only time we all gather as a big family. I see everyone once in a while but then it can never be compared to when we used to sleep, eat and do everything together. Let me tell you a bit about my family.

Dad: Dad was a very strict and wealthy man, he doesn’t tolerate wrong doings or pamper any child. He’s very firm with his decisions and finds it very difficult to bend them for anyone/any reason. He didn’t need to punish us if we did anything wrong, all he needed to do was give us “the look”. That stone cold look. I remember crying anytime he gave me that look as a child and my siblings would just laugh at me which even made me cry more. They were already used to the look so when they got it, all they had to do was sober up, not cry like me. Tough man yeah? Well, that’s just one part of him though it’s the most part. He’s also very playful, I remember our basketball and table tennis competitions where the winner gets to pick the next vacation spot. It was a competition that we took very seriously, we got jerseys and even made videos. Mum was the one who provided us with water and other things during our little breaks. We had our own basketball and table tennis court. His toughness faded gradually as we grew up which was even more fun for us.

Mum: Mum was and still is the sweetest person in the world according to my definition of sweet. She was the one who showered my siblings and I with care and love, we had an overdose. She was the direct opposite of dad. Always cheerful, empathetic, loving, just name every good quality a mother should have, she had it. The challenge then was that she was hardly around because her business required her to travel to different countries. Dad was the one who was around most times because he owned an oil and gas organisation, though he had to travel out of the country once in a while but not as frequent as mum. We had a lot of ‘abroad stuff’ because of mum, she always shopped for us every time she travelled so we were always looking forward to her return because of our goodies and also because dad didn’t really have the time to discipline us when she was around since they spent a lot of time together when she was around.

Tokun: Adetokunbo was shortened to Tokun and gradually, the name stuck. Tokun is the first child of the family and the obvious black sheep of the family. Apart from him being the darkest in the family, he was the one who committed most of the atrocities in the house but deep down, I think I did more but the spotlight was always on him because of his ‘destruction’ history. He was very stubborn to and would hardly admit committing any offense he was accused of hence every offense became his offense automatically even if it was committed by any of the rest of us. It was good for us because we knew he wouldn’t admit or ‘un-admit’ so we kept committing the crimes though a lot of times, it was joint effort. He was also the most wanted in his school by all the girls. We had a lot of female visitors from time to time but we had a different living room so we had a way of smuggling them in to avoid dad’s look. It was fun though he wouldn’t dare take them into his room for fear of being caught. He was very jovial too, he was the clown of the house. There was never a dull moment when he was in the house and if there was any at all, that means something serious must have happened like someone dying because even dad’s look doesn’t take him out of the mood. Even dad found it hard sometimes to give him the look as soon as he looked at him, he’d just shake his head instead.

Lara: Omolara was the model of the house. She was slim like dad. She was the organizer of every event that took place. Our parties, vacations, everything. She would check out the vacation spots and hotels we would stay in, outfits to fit, meals and everything. She would make the plan and present it to us so we can all discuss about it and reach an agreement. She was our official event planner and mum’s personal assistant since mum was always going on trips so she helped pack necessary things and choose the best hotels she would stay in. She also helped the school in planning a lot of events and it never went wrong. She knew just what was needed to make everything go on without hiccups.

She didn’t like dirt in any form so she always made sure the house was clean, everywhere but the kitchen. She hated cooking, she felt it was too messy so she wouldn’t even try. We had a maid though so she didn’t even have to clean or cook but she preferred cleaning the house because the maid never cleaned it to her taste. Her room was the most organized, it was like a mini paradise. We all wanted to sit in her room but she wouldn’t let us for fear that we might disorganize it. I wasn’t surprised when she became an event planner and interior decorator, it was just her thing.

Bunmi: Olubunmi had always been the potential mother and wife. She was always worried about everyone. Who is where, doing what, how and why. She just wanted everyone to be fine. She was our alarm. All you had to do was tell her when you wanted to wake up and she would even wake up before the person, make breakfast and wake the person up. She never let anyone skip breakfast, except she wasn’t home to make sure that happens. She was the mother of the house, 2nd in command. She was dad’s right hand man though she was a woman. She hardly had issues with dad because they understood each other pretty well and she was the closest to him among us. We even had to go through her most times to request for stuffs from dad. She was our mediator because she spoke on our behalf many times and dad always listened to her. Even when we were in university, we still had to call her to talk to dad on our behalf; it was easier than having to answer a million and one questions from the old man.

What else?????? Ohh me, I already introduced myself so there’s nothing much to say. I never liked getting close to anyone, girls, guys, no exception. The only people I gave my attention were family and books. How I loved books……..but as time went on and we had to separate due to university, work, bla bla, I began to socialise. I started to make friends, hangout, gradually I became known by almost everyone if not everyone. Those who didn’t know me personally knew my name as a result of my involvement in a lot of stuff. That was when I met my first sugar mummy – Mrs. Bolade.

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