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“Sumbo look at me and tell me why you had to behave like that”

i guess my command tone worked cause he did what i asked he looked at me and then replied

“Ronke the man you saw some minutes ago ruined my family took away our happiness and left us nothing”

two wounded hearts i would say good to know i am not the only one with issues
I don’t mean to be insensitive but obviously i am not in this alone
he continues by saying

Mr. Lanre was my Dad’s right hand man. He was close to my dad and to some extent we stopped calling him our Dad’s friend because he was more than that. We didn’t know Mr. Lanre was actually our enemy because he stole my mom from my dad, his company and everything that my father built. I feel guilty because being the only son of my parents, I could have done something”

“but I was too young then. I knew nothing until I grew up and my aunt had to reveal all this to me. This man is responsible for ruining my upbringing because after all this my father just couldn’t take it. He gave up and my mom left too when she realized there was nothing.
She was too scared that she wouldn’t be able to take care of me. I don’t hate my mum though; I was just disappointed because the only family I had, left me”

I still respect her though.

So tell me why I shouldn’t kill
Mr. Lanre or even talk to him in such manner?

Wow! I didn’t see that coming. Sumbo must have gone through a lot, no wonder he could tell that I was sad.
I wonder how he fought through. I wanted to ask him but I felt it might just unlock so many closed doors.
I left it and kept quiet. There was total silence between the two of us for like 5 minutes till he broke it.

He smiled at me; I wonder how he does that. I really admire the strength this man has.
He realized I felt pity for him through my facial expression and then he said “it’s a bygone now and as you can see I have moved on. This is what I want for you”. From what you just heard me say about Mr. Lanre and what he did to me and my family, you should know I have been through hell; I fought my demon and I broke free.”
I stared into his eyes and answered, “you didn’t get out of it by yourself, did you? How did you do it?”
He shook his head in response and then he said,

“I did not, dear, and trust me, it wasn’t easy. I just had it in the back of my head that I had to fight this war on my own .
Ronke, enough about me. I want to know what happened to this beautiful woman seated in front of me “.
He was worried. He really wanted to know whether Sumbo was actually my key to getting out of this cage that he had found me in, and this time, I will be free …

“I used to have a junior sister; one that I loved dearly. Her name was Dayo. She was beautiful and she made me laugh all the time. She was the white sheep in my family, totally different from everyone in the house.
I and my parents loved her dearly and we made sure she was alright all the time.
I didn’t mind that my parents gave her more attention more than they gave me because she was an asthmatic patient. We didn’t want her to feel less of a person just because of that illness so we showered her with love, care and attention…”

He noticed that I stopped talking then he said, “bar man can we get two bottles of chilled water?”

I think I need that because it feels like I can’t breath as my lungs are tired. The bar man brought the water and I drank till there was nothing left in the bottle and then I looked at that bottle and I was on the verge of crying but Sumbo told me everything was fine and said

“I am here with you.” I nodded in the positive and continued. “Then something happened between Dayo and I. we had a heated argument and she stormed out of the house. I called her but she ignored me. I knew where she was going so I didn’t go after her. I had never seen her angry. We had had several arguments before but this particular one was different.

My parents called and asked where Dayo was because they were not around and I lied that she was asleep but no, Dayo was not in the house. I called her twice around 3pm but she didn’t pick up … By 7pm in the evening her call came in twice. I didn’t pick up. I wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine. By 8p, I heard the sound of her car. I knew she would come back in one piece.
I heard footsteps coming into the house but something was weird, Dayo doesn’t walk that way so I thought she was drunk.
Guess who I saw…
I saw a young man with Dayo.
But Dayo wasn’t drunk, Dayo laid dead in the arms of this man.
Dayo was dead.
All those times Dayo called me, she wanted me to get her inhaler but i was too angry with my sister. I pushed her away
Now my father finds it hard to FORGIVE ME.

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