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What’s that one thing you are scared of?
That one thing that will keep you knee deep?
That one thing that you are scared of, or scared of sharing with someone?
I took a deep breath, looked him in the eye and replied,

“I don’t want to talk about it”. He then kept a straight face.

I don’t know if he is sad or happy, but then what’s my business? Then he spoke,

“ the more you keep trying not to talk about it, the more it keeps you in a circle of discomfort, pain and sadness. Whatever it is, I do not know. But trust me, it has taken control over you and I am certain you fear it so much that you think you will never be able to come out of it”.

Wow!!! Just wow!!! Remember when I told you my demon wants a one on one time with me? Well I guess this was it, but I never expected it to come as a person.
From my facial expression, he could tell that he hit the right spot because I was shocked.
I was damn so shocked at how someone who didn’t know me could relate with me on that level! I was on the verge of crying again, but I held it back in because it would make me seem weak. In truth, I am weak but I just don’t want this man to see me as weak.

This is his first time meeting me but i guess I’m wrong. He seems to know who I am. He spoke again,
“what is your name?”. I answered,
“Aderonke, and you?”. He answered,
“Olasumbo Davies, but please call me Sumbo for short. So Aderonke, care to share what it is that’s bothering you?”.

I looked down at my hands, they were trembling. My hands were shaking so bad, Sumbo had to hold my hands. His hands were so soft, it gave me comfort and reminded me that this time I wasn’t alone.
He said to me, “Ronke. Sorry, do you mind if I call you Ronke?”.
I replied, still looking at the way his hands held mine, “No”. Then he continued, “Okay Ronke. Whatever it is, trust me you can overcome it. You can. You just have to let it out. Well, you don’t know me, but I believe knowing who you share it with and not knowing the person isn’t the issue here. The issue is whatever scares you has pushed you to the limit and you can’t take it anymore. I feel the best way to fight back is by letting it out and letting it go”.

He definitely knows how to use his words, and just as I was about to speak, someone opened the door and called his name.

“Sumbo! hey how are you ?”. It was a chubby old man in his mid fifties,
but Sumbo’s facial expression said otherwise. As I was wondering what was going on,

Sumbo answered, “What is it?”.
The old man then replied, “Nothing really oh. I just saw you through the glass as I was passing by, so I decided to come say hello”.
Sumbo answered immediately, “Okay. Mission accomplished, what else?”.
The man laughed and said “you don’t have to be hard on me, you didn’t even introduce me to your…..” and just as he was about to complete his sentence, Sumbo interrupted him saying,

“I believe you have better things to do. You may leave now, thank you”. The man looked really sad, but still introduced himself to me saying,

“Anyway, hello beautiful lady. I am Mr. Lanre. I was a friend to Sumbo’s father and yes, it’s nice to meet you too”. I laughed at how hard headed Mr. Lanre
is, and how after being slightly embarrassed by Sumbo, he still didn’t mind. I then replied,

“Hi, I am Aderonke”. Sumbo cut in hastily,
Mr. Lanre, please leave now and this time, I mean it”.
Mr. Lanre winked at me and then he said
“okay bye, and bye Aderonke. Do have a lovely day”.
I replied, ”you too”.

I looked back at Sumbo, he felt no guilt from what he just did. It’s not like he killed someone, don’t get me wrong, but talking that way to your father’s friend in front of a stranger had me wondering why. I asked him saying, “why did you have to talk to him like that?”. He looked sideways,


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