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***My extended family members most especially from my mom’s side only sent me allowances but never cared to check up on me and I doubt if they would recognize me now when they see me, because I am all grown up. But I stably received money from different angles so I lacked no material thing. Mama Fresh had always wanted the best life for me. She would say

“I want you to be really great in life Precious. I want the best for you. Just tell me anything you want, I will do anything in my power to get it for you”

She nursed the plan of enrolling me in a private university since I was in my second year in senior secondary school. Before she died, she formally introduced me to her daughter, her only child and she handed crucial things regarding my life over to her like she already knew the end was near.

Mrs Rockson, though with her busy schedule, being a Neurosurgeon and business woman who invested in farm produce made sure she did all that my grandma had told her. She knew her death would tell badly on me

“Sweetheart, I am so sorry I have to go now” that was always her leaving cue.

Although, after she had taken me to school and gotten my admission process intact. She would tell John, her son who is two years older than I am to escort me to do the rest and her driver would drive us back home. But I lived alone in my grandma’s house and John comes over to stay only during the weekends.

Aside Mrs Rockson, Bolade was my only family.

“Sexy! Lade Lade, how far now, this one that you are looking all hot like this, are we safe?”

“Bosun, you are high, move jare. Let me pass”

Bosun was the irksome one, everyone knew him to be mischievous as he is always there to irk somebody each passing day. He surveyed Bolade from her hair to her toes. Actually, the thing is, Bolade was an attractive lady and she had a perfect physical appearance, to a very large extent, she had the highest number of guys seeking her attention. She is endowed, large butt, big breasts and oval face. She could spend so many hours on makeover and eventually her makeover would be as simple and beautiful. She had a flare for fashion and she could do anything for skinny wears. Apart from her physical appearance, she was smart. An A student she was and I can bet she clearly doesn’t read as much as I do but it was always mysterious when she topped the class in tests and exams. She easily grasped lectures in class, she made sure no day passed without her opening the pages of her lecture note. She had a fixed time schedule and nothing or no one ever interrupted except on extremely important situations but she always made it up. When it comes to discussion in class, her intellectual prowess soars. She was like the star of every lecture. Everyone including myself had always wondered if she was actually the same Bolade we use to know during play times. She was like my role model, I loved everything about her and I often craved to be like her.

“Be yourself girl, this is who I am”

She had told me when I asked her how she does these things. Of course, I can never be someone else but just the way I present myself, and as well to emulate good things. Through Bolade, I trained my confidence, read more books, applied light makeup and wore clothes that fit, yes I was quite off back then.

“Alright alright! Daniel, I have had enough of you! I am still wondering how I suddenly turned someone else after I gave you a yes. I always told you I love you and no one else, that I would not do anything to hurt you. How then can I prove these things to you Daniel, tell me!”

I turned to see Bolade in an argument with Daniel again, anger written all over her face and her eyes glistened.

“Bolade, I have heard you, just that I feel so insecure. You here, you there. Some guys even go as far as cooking up fibs about you right in my presence!”

“And Daniel, thank goodness you just said they were cooking up fibs, obviously you know…”

“Daniel, sorry to interrupt.” I joined to mediate

“Daniel, instead of feeling this way, why not feel the other way”

“Okay, Precious, this is something serious, don’t go all the way impish” He retorted

“What I am saying is, you are dating a queen. Yes, you should feel on top of the world. Fine, she’s beautiful, hot and all and probably,  you do not deserve her” he nodded as I spoke

“Not that you are the only guy who wanted her neither were you the only guy who asked her out and for crying out loud, you aren’t the first either and she considered you, only you, she stuck to you. Let me ask you, you knew all the while that she is sought after right? Why didn’t you consider all this before making her fall in love with you?”

He faced off looking all shamed.

“Please answer me, why are you making her feel she has made a mistake, or should she get ugly for your sake. Okay like seriously, I see no point why you are angry. She has done nothing wrong. Is being beautiful a crime?” I clapped “Oh wow, Daniel please, sort yourself out” I turned to Bolade. “Bolade shall we?”

Bolade and I walked out of him, he had always gotten on her nerves and most time I had wondered why she is so stuck to him and she found it really hard to leave him.

Daniel was not a bad guy, I only feel he does not love Bolade as much as he could. He probably got strung to her out of lust. I had told Bolade he wasn’t the one for her and she should just calm down and hasten down.

“I just don’t know what else to do to please him, I can’t cheat on him, and in fact I have never!” she cried.

“Calm down, its fine. Okay?” I drew her close and hugged her “Why the fuck was he acting like a woman?”

“No Precious, he is just so emotional, I understand him. I know he is a really jealous person but I will prove my love…”

“Ssh…” I interrupted “Girl, you don’t have to. He should be the one to prove all these things. He should be the one to love you better than anyone would. In fact, he knows how every guy is chasing after you, he should do everything to hold you down. What is this?”

I could see the fear of losing him glazing in her eyes as the tears trickled down her face. She looked so sweet.

“I don’t know why he feels so insecure with me, I am so sad, all my relationships have always been this messy, I hate myself right now. Am I too beautiful? He says that all the time. Is it a crime?”

“What?” I laughed. “So you are saying, he nags at you a lot because you are too beautiful and every guy likes you. Oh baby yes, I think it’s a crime to be beautiful” I teased. “What so many girls envy about you, a good number of girls want to be like you. Wow!” I looked away smiling at how useless their disagreements would have seemed.

“Of course, its Daniel, which girl doesn’t want Daniel, even right in your presence, some girls would try to entice him. You remember that Trisha girl during Freshers party. Oh wow, girl you are trying. I don’t understand why you should not be angry too. Virtually all the girls in our department want him and now, is he only trying to turn the tables?”

“No Precious, it’s not like that.” She had stopped crying.

“I know you will take his side, it’s enough my dear”  I sneered and hugged her. Bolade had fallen with her head and not her heart.

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

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